Dimeforum, Share your thoughts and earn Points!


Dimeforum is one of my favorite forums in the internet. The forum provides helpful information about Online Earning Sites. They have currently more than a thousands of helpful topics. 

These topics were created from Dime forum’s admins, and its members. Aside from getting helpful information, you can earn by creating topics on your own, and commenting helpful posts to a thread topic. Make Sure to follow the Dimeforums guidelines to avoid getting a warning.

Topics/Thread Title

You can get information and create topics related to:

Earning Site such as:

  • Tips and Tricks to Earn Online
  • Online Paying Program Reviews
      • PTC, GPT, Crypto Faucets and more
  • Related to Businesses
  • Traffic and Monetization
  • Developer and Designers
  • Webmaster’s Forum
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Social Networking
  • Marketplace
  • General Hangout
  • Quick Questions



If you happened to run a website, you can check out their tools to see your overall site’s performance and index. 

The tools also provides information of what your site’s lacking and good at.


The rewards depends on how informative your posts and topic is. Rewards are ranging from 15 Dime to 50 Dime. 

What is Dime

Dime is the the Dimeforum’s Site Currency, where 1,000 Dime is Equivalent to 1$.


Rewards can be requested for withdrawal when you reached 5,000 Dime. Payments are available in Paypal and Coinbase.