, Earn 300 to 500 Satoshis every day

adbtc-main page #claimercornerblog is one of the best PTC website that pay’s Bitcoin. The concept of earning satoshis are very simple, by allowing their user to view advertised websites in a short period makes them at number 1 spot in faucetpay, as highest paying Faucet in the lists.

The 4 type of Earning:

  • Ads Surfing – keeping the ads website exposed to users in exchange for satoshis, in an unattended mode until the countdown lapse.
  • Autosurfing – Opening the Adbtc Autosurf page to be kept open, without any interfering by the user. It automatically surf advertised website in a good and good way.
  • Window Active SUrfing – You get paid by viewing the advertised ads actively, means countdown ads exposure won’t complete if its on tab or not actively seen b the user in his/her browser.
  • Faucet- Completing a shortlink to get additional reward.

Human Verification

A human Verification is a test or solving program used by website owners especially by faucet owners, to determine their user are a real human or a bot. used the following Human Verification to protect their website from bot.

  • Recaptcha
  • Hcaptcha
  • Mathematical Solving

Human Verification is very easy, it won’t take much time to solve. Verification only shows from 3 to 5 surfed ads, which is pretty good for the users.


Adbtc has a rating system to their users, to prioritize them and get more ads to surf to get rewarded. To increase your rating, you only need to regularly log-in and complete ads surfing.

Referral Commission

You can earn 10% of your referral surfing earnings as commission and 5% of your referrals advertising spending.

Rented Referrals

If you don’t have friends to invite, you can rent referrals to build a passive income in Although renting referrals are a bit costly.


Withdrawals may take days to get processed. Minimum Withdrawal: Direct to Wallet = 3500 Satoshis | Faucetpay = 3000 Satoshis | Expresscrypto = Any Amount.


if you are Interested in adbtc, Create and Account HERE