Autoclaim Review

Autoclaim is similar to autofaucet, is a good option to earn different currencies of cryptos. They have a large lists of Crypto for payments, with 22 Coins to choose and this include of course the major Crypto like BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE and TRX.

Ways to Earn:

  • Shortlinks (They have one of the largest shortlink list that you can earn, with a total of 214)
  • Mining
    • CPU /Browser
    • GPU (using their Software Downloadable)
  • Offerwalls
    • Engagehits
    • Bitswall
    • NightfallNews
    • AsiaMag
    • Clixwall
  • Surveys
    • WannaSurvey
  • Referrals(20% Commission)


Autoclaim has there own website Token called “FCT” where you will be earning by completing tasks given in the “ways to Earn”. FCT will be exchanged to whatever coins on their supported 22 Coins.


  • Auto claim- you can set Auto Claim with choices of:
    • Credit (1% Increase of Generated coin) / The coin will appear on your dashboard as crypto.
    • ExpressCrypto (your coins will be sent automatically to your ExpressCrypto Account.)
    • FaucetPay (Your coins will be sent automatically to your faucetpay account)
  • Direct
    • You can swap your FCT directly to any of the coins, BTC for Example, and withdraw them either of the 2 Micro-wallet processor

More Money - Earn Free Bitcoin
Autoclaim-auto Claim

The Advantage of the Auto-claim is, you will get bonuses depending on your auto-claim set-up. In Frequency Area, you will 1% and 2% Bonus FCT to be automatically exchanged to Crypto. The odds here are that it will take a long time to exchange all your FCT to Crypto. But it is still worth doing since it will give you bonuses.

Level System

Autoclaim has a level system which will increase your bonus when you keep completing the task.


autoclaim - bonus level (lvl 36 at 0.0036x Bonus)