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Beermoneyforum, where we help each other to make money online

Beermoneyforum is a community website where you will find thousands of topics about earning applications and websites. 

There are hundreds of thousands of earning sites that you can join, but knowing them if they really pay or just a scammy site is hard to tell unless you join reviews sites that give you information about other’s experiences can help you determine before joining. is one of the reliable sources of information about these earning sites. The best thing about is, you can be rewarded by commenting as posts, or by creating new topics. Rewards are called BMF Points, that you can encash them to real money. Isn’t it great?

What are BMF Points

 BMF Points are the website currency that can have an equivalent value of the US Dollar. Basically, 1,000 BMF Points is equivalent to 1$(USD).

Criteria of BMF Points

  • Creating New Topic = 50 BMF Points
  • Commenting as Post = 20 BMF Points
  • Daily Log = 7 ~ 9 BMF Points
 You can also earn with by the other member’s simple job/tasks in the Marketplace Category.
  •  Paid-to Sign-up
  • Liking a FB Page
  • Watch/Like/Subscribe
  • Youtube Channel
  • and many more
bmf activity points
bmf activity points

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The Make Money Forum Category is the section where you can find the following: Introduction page, Support and Announcement, Blog, and the General Rules of the Site. Marketplace is

2. Crypto Forum

In This Area, you will find the topics about Cryptocurrency or the digital currency, this include Reviews of earning site/app of crypto, digital wallets review, airdrop reviews for upcoming new coins to be release, and more.

3. Investment Forum

In this category, you will find topics regarding High Risks Investments and its reviews, these include Gambling Site and App, HYIP (High-Yield Investment Program), and FOREX Reviews. 

4. Internet Marketing Forum

You will find topics about affiliate marketing, Traffic Monetization and Ad Network Reviews, Business and Individual Topics.

5. Reviews about URL Shortener/ File Host Forum/ Paid-to Upload/ GPT Programs

These is where you will find topics on all GPT Programs.

6. Webmaster 

This area where you can find related to website design and programming, Domain and Web Hosting, and SEO.


BMF Points Redeem Options

You can redeem your points to the following Payment Processor/ Online Wallets.

1. Paypal

2. Perfect Money

BMF Redeem = Perfect Money

3. Skrill

bmf points to skrill

4. Bitcoin

bmf points to BTC

Other Use of BMF Points

1. Buy Lottey tickets

You can take your chance to win 50,000 BMF coin divided to 5 winners. Draw are every month. Each ticket is worth 10 BMF Points. 

2. Donate

You can donate them to other members or use them as payment to other members by creating a tasks.

It is good and fun in BMF, admin and their staff is friendly. I learned a lot, and that is where I started to learn that there are hundreds of ways to earn money online
BMF Member