Brave Browser, best when in comes to PTC website.

brave Browser, best browser


Brave Browser is one of the best browser I have ever experience.

Recently, I am actively participating to some PTC or earning sites to earn a small amount of money. earnings in these sites are not that much, but rather than playing games and doing nothing at home, I collected small amount from them, by watching advertised sites.

What are PTC?

PTC is commonly known as Paid-to Click, where you get paid for every ads you clicked or watched. There are numerous of hundreds or even thousands of PTC site, currency are based on USD, but some are converting their payment or currency to Crypto like the Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on.

What makes Brave Browser “Best” in PTC Websites?

Brave browser is a fast loading browser, it is said to be 3x faster than the other browser such as Chrome, Edge, and Mozilla. Aside from being fast, some say it is known to be the MOST SECURE Browser. I prefer to say the best User Interface when it comes to Security, individuals are responsible for what they browse.

In Brave Browser, you can enable, disable protection pretty easily by just tapping the tasks bar near the URL bar. The protection Button can activate Protection Shield, where inappropriate pop-ups, pop-browsers, and banners scripts are blocked with one click that may lead to slowing down your browsing experience.

Some PTC Sites blocks user from entering their site if they had ad blockers on them. But of course we don’t use them to your favorite PTC sites, but instead, unrecognized sites that were advertised in PTC sites are blocked, which their are unable to load inappropriate scripts.

Brave Browser is best when it comes to PTC sites that has 3rd party Shorted-links for you to watch and earn. We all know how annoying their pop-ups and everything. These are unavoidable but, some shorted-links don’t have anti-ad blockers where you can easily complete the tasks. You can complete short-link tasks very easily. Some PTC sites allows you to open multiple shortlinks where you can open both Shortlinks with anti-ad blocker and shortlinks without anti-ad blocker. You will know what I mean when you use Brave Browser.

Few Earning Platform that has 3rd Party Shortlinks

Use Brave Browser and Earn BAT (Basic Attention Token)

Honestly, I was intrigued with few advertisements that you can earn in Brave Browser, by just using it. Some people advertised them that you can get 10$ when you install brave which definitely not true. But you may go up to 10$ if you keep using them. HOW?

By allowing brave browser shows you ads, you get ads revenue from it. and by that, you can earn upto 10$ of BAT or even more depending on what geo you at.

What is BAT (Basic Attention Token)?

BAT is the native currency of the brave browser, used to reward users, and allows them to use to tip publishers who are affiliated with them. You can use it personally like encashing them. BAT is one of the most promising digital currency, built on Ethereum based, and been distributed for the purpose as advertising money for advertisers and publishers in Brave Browser.

BAT via Binance
BAT Current Martket via BInance

Haven’t you downloaded Brave Browser yet? Feel free to drop some comments down below. 

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