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(9) is a multiple earning site where you can earn by completing tasks such as Faucet Claim, PTC, Shortlinks, Offerwalls and many more. 

If you are familiar to Litecoinads, then this is one of their sites and looks the same with a little bit of futuristic design.

Ways to Earn:


  • Faucet – Get a chance to be rewarded up to 2$ by claiming their faucet every 60 Mins Duration.
  • PTC – View advertised Ads 
  • Shortlinks – 10 Shortlinks available to complete everyday!
  • AsiaMag – Visit a 3rd party revenue sharing site and earn by browsing articles.
  • Surveys – Earn by completing surveys via CPX Research.
  • Videos – earn by watching Videos via Daily Motion (embedded in their site)
  • Pop the Box



Revenue Sharing – View Advetised Ads for an exchange to Advertise with them.

Referrals – Earn by inviting your friends and get commissions everytime they earn.


Withdrawals has a different options of payment and withdrawal which is a great thing.

  1. BTC (direct Wallet) – Minimum Withdrawal of 2$ equivalent of BTC
  2. Payeer – 0.5$ With Corresponding Fee 
  3. Paypal – 2.5$ with correspoding Fee
  4. Walcrypt – 0.5$ equivalent to BTC with Corresponding Fee
  5. Faucetpay – 0.5$ Equivalent to BTC

Account Upgrade

Similar to Litecoinads, you have an option to upgrade your account, to increase your earning potentials. thus, this upgrade has expirations and limited time. 

So purchase them with care and plan.

Disclaimer: All review details and withdrawal details may change without this posts knowledge. 

Feel free to share your opinion about the site and the review by commenting down below.

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