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Coinpot.co is one of the most trusted, and one of the first reputable Crypto Micro-wallet. Unlike other micro-wallet, they run a few lists of faucets who’s the only payment method is them. These Faucets are exceptionally run’s by them. Coinpot.co supports payment to faucetpay.io and expresscrypto.io, its like a micro-wallet supports another microwallet for withdrawals.

Coinpot.co’s Faucet Lists:

The Moon Faucet’s are the easiest faucet to claim, where you can claim every minute duration. The faucet’s will still continually generate satoshi’s just by allowing the Faucet page open. But to maximize the claim, at least you claim your reward as often as possible because it allows you to generate additional points such as,  loyalty, and Mystery bonus which can be use later in the Coinpot.co.

These bonuses are also available to Bonusbitcoin.co and Bitfun.co.

Daily Bonus

You will receive loyalty bonus by 1% each day by consecutively claim on their faucets. Maximum bonus is up to 100%, which means doubling your claim. But missing a claim in a day, will reset your bonus claim to 0%.

 Referral Bonus

 If you refer anyone to use faucet, you will get a 25% equivalent of your referral’s earnings, and a 1% added bonus on your claim. Max bonus is up to 100% of your claim.

Mystery Bonus

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A micro-wallet is platform where you will receive or store small amount of BTC payments from Faucets. Micro-wallet is the best place to look  for reliable faucets to start earning free Satoshis or to complete small tasks jobs online that has a direct connection to any micro-wallets.

Micro-wallet is not an actual wallet, but act as a wallet in behalf from your main crypto-wallet. Due to the fact that, Bitcoin and other crypto are spontaneously increased its value and transactions are becoming expensive too, thus, having micro-wallet is very convenient to receive your earnings and rewards online. 

Some or most Online Earning Platform such as Crypto Faucets and PTC websites are started using crypto as payment options, and they are supporting micro-wallets too for sending rewards and earnings to their users because of its fast and reliable payment appearance to their users. 

There are few reasons why earning platforms like crypto faucets and users want use micro-wallet for payments, and receiving their earnings:
1. Users prefer it and expect less or no fees on receiving their earnings and rewards coming from faucets and earning platform.
2. Users prefer it because earnings and rewards reflects immediately after a withdrawal.
3. Faucets and earning platform can set lesser minimum withdrawal requirements, or not at all.
4. Micro-wallets supports multiple crypto where user and Faucets can either choose to use.
5. Faucets and earning platform can easily integrate automatic payment.

Just like a crypto wallet, you can send, receive crypto directly to a wallet address, but funding your micro-wallet account is not what most micro-wallet users do, but only to receive payments from Faucets who only pays through micro-wallet. 

More About Coinpot.co

Supported Coin for Transaction (deposit/withdraw):

 BTC, BCH, LTC, Dogecoin, Dash

Coinpot has their own website coin, which can be exchanged, to one of their supported coin. Coinpot Token can be use to purchase, lottery ticket and Multiplier Game.

Multiplier Game

You can spend your coinpot Token by playing the multiplier. The game is pretty simple, you bet either “Roll Low” or “Roll High”. You can multiply your bet, from 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x, 1000x. and can stake from 1, 10 and 100 Coinpot Coin. You can set the Game in auto mode bet, just tweak a few sets, and see your Coins Multiply.

Playing the game can generate free lottery tickets, and level up your Star Challenge!


 Coinpot have a very active lottery, where every hour the lottery will draw 1 lucky winner. The price is half of the Total Prize Fund. 1 Lottery Ticket is 1 Coinpot Coin. Make sure to check if you have Free Lottery Ticket. Free Ticket is accumulated from playing Multiplier.



There are different Challenges that you can unlock, each challenges has equivalent Coinpot Token Rewards.

VIP Rewards

Keeping your Token Balance within the minimum level without spending, or withdrawing can unlock VIP Rewards, where your bonuses, Faucet Claims, and Rewards such as free lottery Ticket will increase. Unlike other faucets and micro-wallets, where you need to purchase Premium accounts with expirations. 

The VIP Rewards is unlimited and no expiration, as long as you keep your Coinpot Token in required balance.

VIP Levels:

Standard VIP: Less than 100K Token Maintaining Balance| Bronze VIP: 100K +Token Maintaining Balance | SIlver VIP: 500K Token Maintaining Balance|

Standard VIP: Less than 100K Token Maintaining Balance| Bronze VIP: 100K +Token Maintaining Balance | SIlver VIP: 500K Token Maintaining Balance| Each VIP Level have corresponding Rewards.

Gold VIP: 1m Token Maintaining Balance| Platinum VIP: 2.5m Token Maintaining Balance | DIamond VIP: 5m Token Maintaining Balance|


You can run CPU based mining in your computer browser. All Coins are eligible to mine, including their website coin (Coinpot Token). To enabling Mining, you can easily access in your dashboard by choosing your preferred coin to mine, underneath the View Token Summary, Click Mine. CPU Mining is not advisable, and may make your computer hot, but you can tweak the settings, from Low CPU Usage(lower hash) up to Very High CPU Usage (higher Hash).


Withdrawal Method:

  • Direct to Wallet (No Fee)
  • Faucetpay.io (No Fee)
  • ExpressCrypto (1% Fee)
  • Microwallet (1.5%)
  • Faucetpanel (2%)
  • Faucetfly (1.5%)

Required Minimum Withdrawal: 

  • BTC -0.0001
  • BCH -0.001
  • Doge -50
  • LTC -0.001
  • Dash -0.002

(Disclaimer: Rate and payment option may subject to change)







Faucetpay is a well known microwallet that act as your account that holds and receive payments from faucets. You can earn from faucetpay with their own PTC, and from their thousands of faucet owner partner.


Any with Corresponding Fee



Inspired by the long gone Faucethub, was the best microwallet on their time. Walcrypt is a fast growing microwallet has also a huge list of faucets that support them as payment method. Walcrypt has a premium offered account where your account can grow with a potential return of claims, and lower fee and more.


0.00005 BTC



Expresscrypto is one good micro-wallet, the difference from other micro-wallet is they supported more than 20+ Crypto as payment. As long as Faucets supported this coin.

You can also stake your coins, that can get you annual interests from coins they supported.

BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH, DASH, DGB, TRON and 15+ More...

0.00010 BTC



Microwallet.co is a one amazing microwallet, they have a good lists of faucets too that provide their members to earn. Their site is simple and straight forward, No ads banner and popup advertisements which makes them more better in user experience.


0.00020 BTC



One of the longest micro-wallet provider from small groups of faucets. They also run their own faucets called Moon Faucets, which you can claim coins every minute. Additional points accumulated by claiming regularly from their faucets, where you can use them to spend in lottery, VIP, and more.


0.00010 BTC