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(9) is another one of a kind multiple earning options that you can find as crypto earning site. They use a different site currency called Tokens and Bound Tokens that by then be exchanged to satoshis when withdrawn.

Ways to Earn:

  • Faucets – 40 Mins Duration of claim at 6 to 100 Tks
  • Shortlinks – Complete shortlinks visits.
  • Surveys and offerwalls
  • PTC – Viewing Advertised Sites
  • Referrals – you can earn 25% from your referral earnings, 5 to 10% from your referral Offerwall earnings.
  • Rain Pool – Stay online and Chat and get benefited to rain pool.


  • Rent Hardware – You can earn passively by purchasing a “Hardware Rent”. This can accumulate you a Bound Token that can be exchanged to Satoshis when withdrawing.
  • Challenge- Complete tasks to earn additional token (resets every 24 hrs).
  • Achievements – as you keep completing tasks, you earn additional coin unlocking levels. has a very close similarity to Cointiply Beta. Since Simplebits is younger, I can you can navigate the dashboard easily and the dashboard is more simpler which I like it more better.


Withdrawals defers to the bound token vs BTC rate. The higher the BTC price, the less satoshis you get.
  • Minimum Withdrawal Requirements:

  • Supported Cryptocurrency : BTC and Dogecoin


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