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(9) is one of the common earning crypto faucet. But unlike other common faucet, it is one of the few that supports more than 1 crypto for withdrawals. Their Site Currency is Coin and an additional role site currency called, Energy.

Ways to Earn:

  • Faucets – 5 Mins Duration (50 tokens + 10 Energy)
  • Shortlinks – Earn upto 1000 Coins and additional450 Energy  
  • PTC 
  • Referrals – you can earn 15% from your referral earnings.


  • Energy- Also known as auto faucet. it convert the Energy to Coins every 2 Minutes. 


Currently, the site supports payments to only:
  • Minimum Withdrawal Requirements:
  • Supported Cryptocurrency : BTC, Doge, LTC, Tron, DGB, Dogecoin, Dash and ETH.


All review details and withdrawal details may change without this posts knowledge. 

Feel free to share your opinion about the site and the review by commenting down below.

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