Trafficly and Adsbitcoin Review: your Typical Browser Extension that pays Bitcoin


Trafficly is a PTC Extension that allows you to earn a small amount of Bitcoin, called Satoshis. Unlike other PTC site, trafficly is installable browser extensions that make them very accessible to their users.

How to Earn

Each site viewed has a duration of 5 to 40 Seconds of active view, depends to the advertiser’s ad exposure. 

Each ads can get you from upto 20 Sats per site view. 

Not missing a single day of viewing ads can get you up to level 3, where you earn higher rates that the normal ad view. Level will reset back to level 1 if you missed a whole day of viewing ads. earn free bitcoins, advertising, cpc


Similar to Trafficly, it is an extension too that allows you to earn Satoshis Per ad viewed. The duration of ads are almost same, sometimes adsbitcoin is rates is 1 sats higher than Traffictly.

human verification

human verification


Human Verification

Everytime the ads are watched, you need to verifiy first by solving the simple Captcha.

You can ignore or answer the verification in small caps. No need to completely follow The Caps Letter Followed by low caps letter for faster answer. earn free bitcoins, advertising, cpc


Both Earning Extensions allows you to withdraw and send your Satoshis directly to your BTC Wallet. Just Provide and link your wallet address to your account.

  • Trafficly Minimum Withdrawal: 4000 Satoshis
  • Adbitcoin Minimum Withdrawal: 5000 Satoshis