ExpressCrypto: Micro-Wallet Platform for micro-medium crypto Enterprises and users.

Similar to FaucetpPay, or let’s say FaucetPay is similar Expresscrypto, ExpressCrypto is a micro-wallet platform that connects users, micro-established cryptocurency programs or networks that allows micro-transaction to send, receive and exchange digital currencies. Digital Currencies that are also known as Cryptocurrency, where Bitcoin and ETH is the most popular on what they call the Crypto … Read more

Binance: Binance opened its gate for SWIFT Transaction

Binance App

On September 1, 2021 (09:00 UTC), Binance users can now deposit using Swift Payment in USD. When depositing USD, it will reflect as BUSD, a Binance stable coin that are based as USD currency price. Additional Information: Deposits are only allowed with their new added transaction system, and not limited to any withdrawal transaction. Highly … Read more