Market Re-Watch: DOGE starting to gain strength, As Mark Cuban tweeted support on accepting Dogecoin as payment.

Doge-16-08-21 show bull

As BTC, ETH and other major Altcoins are taking a small break climbing the hill of a long position, DOGE is showing an impressive continual consistent bull pointing at 1 O’clock for more than 1 week. Could they be more resistive to pull be pulled back by newer meme coins? Could they be more aggressive … Read more

Market re-watch: XRP remain afloat, while BTC and ETH draws back -1 to -4%

Cryptocurrency Coins

For past weeks, Bitcoin and other Altcoins have been expotentially rallying up to more than +50% since the trend went down and resists its final bottom on july 20, 2021 at the price of 29.6k USD per BTC, same thing goes to other coins. But it seems it is now stuck at recently after hitting … Read more