Faucetpay API, for Better and Faster Faucetpay to Faucetpay Transactions

Faucetpay is one of the pioneers in micro wallets. there are over 3 Million users who benefited from their service and still growing. Sending the smallest amount of crypto called Satoshis, that cut-offs the highly volatile transaction fees, whereas can only be possible through internal transactions such as FaucetPay to FaucetPay users.

The Automated sending transaction Requests from Webstore to FaucetPay Users

FaucetPay provices free API service where users who integrated it for payment service can allow automated sending transactions to FaucetPay users fast, secure and without a husstle. If you have clients or web users that users FaucetPay, you can integrate Faucetpay API on their API Documentation.

FaucetPay API documentation

Steps for Users to Request FaucetPay Withdrawal

1. Go to Withdrawal Form, which can be access in the lower part of your Account Dashboard and Click Withdraw Button to access Withdraw Page. You can also directly access them in https://claimercorner.xyz/claimer/withdraw.

2. Make sure to select Currency provided with FaucetPay name on it.

3. Withdraw form show on your selected crypto, Input amount you with to be sent in your FaucetPay Account.

4. Provide your FaucetPay Registered Email in Wallet Address Field.

5. Solve the Captcha, and hit Withdraw Button. A WITHDRAW SUCCESS message will appear, means your balance is successfully sent you should receive your balance to your FaucetPay Account.