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Since you have visited this article in which I have prepared for everyone to understand, get ahead, or fully understand behind what is a reward/earning site is, which is most commonly called as Crypto Faucets, which allows you to rewarded with digital coins, most commonly known as Bitcoin, the most popular.

Here are some lists, that you should know about these kind of site.

Generally, Rewarding app/site is a revenue sharing site where users allows to earn usually a USD based that can be exchanged to Satoshis, or satoshis(the smallest unit for Crypto). These kind of sites earn from a share profit of 3rd party revenue sites commonly known as 1. Shortlinks, Advertised Sites that are commonly known as 2. PTC, where users tend to view a page to have a direct engagement, 3. Offerwall, 4. Faucet Page, where users can directly claim rewards for visiting them regularly, and many other form of rewards as additional Features.

What is Shortlinks(sponsored Links)?

  1. Shortlink (Sponsored Link) – A sponsored link is one of the most common revenue sharing, a user needs complete a sponsored link by passing every page visits which is external links of the shortlink. Shortlinks pays Faucet sites as commission for every valid users, means, a unique visitor which is based with its visitors IP, where faucet sites reward there users.

Shortlink is easy, once you get used to its ads, which is sometimes very inappropriate to some. Most of its income comes from popunder and popup advertisements and multiple banner displays.

ClaimerCorner listed over 60+ counts of Sponsored links, which could be added more links for its user to have more to complete, or reduce its count due to shortlinks nature of discontinuing paying Faucet owners, or inability to continue their services.

What to Expect completing Shortlinks in ClaimerCorner
  1. Shortlinks gives Energy, that can be used to spin the Wheel of Fortune
  2. Shortlinks gives 2 EXP, that can increase your level.
  3. Specific number of Shortlinks completed, allows you to claim extra reward in Daily Achievements.
  4. Extra Reward in Leaderboard, when ranked weekly.

What is PTC(Paid to Click)?

PTC are advertised sites by site advertisers, users from other sites that aiming to grow their referrals. PTC is a direct on page advertisement view where users get paid by viewing an advertised site.

It is one of the easiest to complete, where it only takes few seconds, depending to the advertisers subscribed campaign. ofcourse, the longer the view in seconds, the higher the reward.

What to Expect completing PTC in ClaimerCorner

  1. PTC gives 2EXP per view, that can increase your level.
  2. Specific number of PTC view can acquire to unclock daily achievement rewards, resets daily.

What is Offerwall?

Offerwall is a direct user-experience advertising company, where they pay people who genuinely tests application and real person’s participation on surveys that are by advertisers. Offerwall is basically has the highest form of reward on most revenue sharing site, because of direct advertising intervention. Some offers from these company can allow you to earn upto 5 USD or more in 1 offer.

But due to advertiser’s demand and specific target, some offers are selected via geo-location, which makes it more difficult to get an offer. Some users cheat their way by using VPN services to get an offer, but turned to get banned from sites, because it makes revenue sites like faucet not generate income, for such users.

Lists of Available Offerwalls
  1. Monlix
  2. Offertoro
  4. Wannads
  5. CPX-Research
  6. Ayetstudios
  7. Bitswall

What is Faucet?

Faucet allows you to regularly claim rewards in specified timeframe, means if the admin decided to make it 5 Mins, users can claim the reward every 5 Mins. This is one of the easiest tasks you can find in a Rewarding app/site.

Currently, Users can claim every 5 Mins, and a limit of 100 Claims in a day, means that you are not allowed to claim more than 100 times within 24 hours.

Additional Features

1. MadFaucet

Just like the Faucet, it allows you to earn more less timeframe, and eventually more reward if based on compare to within 5 mins. The reward of MadFaucet is 16 Token every 1 mins, and allows you to received EXP for your account leveling to gain Faucet Bonus Claim.

Daily Achievements

Daily Achievements is an unlockable tasks that you need to fulfill within a day, such completing 20 sponsored links in a day, 50 faucet Claim in a day, and more.

It allows you to claim additional reward, which makes users to get more reward, and level up faster because of additional EXP and Energy than can be used to spin the wheel, and so on.

The Weekly Leaderboard

This is one of the additional Feature that a rewarding platform has, it is a competition based feature where users are extra rewarded based on their performances in the site. The more you complete tasks like shortlink, faucet claim and more, the chances of being on top and win the weekly leaderboard.

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