Simple Ajax Chat: WordPress Plugin


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Are you looking something to add in your WordPress Site, something that allows to interact your visitors directly in your site? Simple Ajax Chat could be the simple public chat that you are looking for.

What is Simple Ajax Chat

Simple Ajax Chat is a FREE WordPress Plugin that allows your visitors to chat each other, similar to telegram, group and Discord Group Chats that are created and gathered as crowd.

The only difference in Simple Ajax Chat, is aside from being simple, it has an option not to require your visitors to sign-up to access the chat, they can just leave a message anonymously, they can just make their own name, and drop a message.

Simple Ajax Chat has a wide range of settings that you can set, to limit, and add some texts, before, after, the chat, you can display the chat using a shortcode, and php code if you plan them to embed the chat directly to the files, such as putting them in the footer or header, lets precisely talk about the Settings.

1. General Options

The General Options allows you to apply changes like, The Name Chat, Default Message.

Allow or disallow by ticking the options in Login Require, Display Mode, Use the logged-in username as the chat name, Enable users to specify a URL for their chat name, Enable users to specify a URL for their chat name, Display a larger input field for chat messages, Play sound alert for new chat messages, Display chats in ascending or descending order, Disable/enable collection of IP address, Set Maximum number of chats, Set Maximum number of characters per messages, characters that should be allowed in the username.

2. Notifications

You can create your own notification Messages. YOu change and choose by uploading image and change notification icon, gives you option to disable disable the notifications.

3. Times and colors

set update intervals between chat in Milliseconds, set chat fade on most recent chats, change text background colors, and highlights.


  1. Custom CSS for Appearance.
  2. targeted loading.
  3. Custom Content in, before and after the Chat form.
  4. You can disallow or ban words that you do not want in the chat.