Let’s Review: FC.LC, A get Paid-URL Shortener site

image of fc.lc site

FC.LC is one many, yet one of the few legit, and trusted URL-Shortener. that have been around for longer time. Similar to the most common Paid-URL Shortener, they run from the most popular Shortener script, Adlinkfly script, developed by Mighty Script. FC.LC has its own custom and unique design on their landing page and quite … Read more

Flyersquare and Adaround Ad Network

Flyersquare and Adaround

Flysquare and Adaround.net have been one of a reliable ad network that allows you to monetize Cryptocurrency. They use their own decentralized token called $ADS via their ad network server, Adshares.net. Currently, both ad networks are performing very well and can be seen mostly on incentive sites like . Joining Applying is so easy, and … Read more

Tutorials: Saving your Website’s Storage with Google Photos

Photo from: unsplash.com/photos/npxXWgQ33ZQ

Similar to our computers, A website like your blog and mine needs space to store our uploaded photos, videos, and files like the web files or whatever they call it like code and your content. Not all websites are provided with equal spaces to store their files. Since we are just starting up our own … Read more