ClaimerCorner Update: Coinbase-Stellar Lumens Added. Best Binance to Coinbase Transfer.

Stellar is one of the reliable token that I personally believe recently. It has a wide range listed on exchange too. Stellar have been launched since 2014.

What is Stellar?

Digital representation are supported that made by stellar, built its own token that is called lumen. Lumen is created to fill a special designation to their network. It requires Stellar by design, to hold each small number of accounts of lumen.

According to, Stellar needs llumens to arise its designs of fundamental to its stellar ledger system. to be simplified, cutting of costs, its ledger can becoming to fill spam and nonsense or to be used as a kind of arbitrary database. In their thought of solving this issue, they introduced a slight bit of friction to determine bad or frivolous actors that tries to impose minimum balance on each and every account to very small per-transaction fee that are chosen to deter costs.

How Much Costs Binance to Coinbase Transfer

With the use of Stellar Lumens, it only took less 0.1 XLM Fee prior of my XLM Transfer, which is just around 0.01 USD. The good thing is its fee is per transaction only.

How Much XLM Today and what could it be in the Future?

as of 03 of July, 2022 as of my writing, the XLM price is 0.11 USD, future Crypto and token highly unpredictable and could go anywhere. And according to its Market Cap and Volume, XLM is a great token to hold and use a gift or payment.

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