Flyersquare and Adaround Ad Network

Flysquare and have been one of a reliable ad network that allows you to monetize Cryptocurrency. They use their own decentralized token called $ADS via their ad network server, Currently, both ad networks are performing very well and can be seen mostly on incentive sites like .


Applying is so easy, and unlike other ad networks, you can access both publisher and advertiser when you have your account successfully verified. You will just need to fill up the basic information on the registration page.

You can follow a step by step in one of our articles about Information about ad codes and and different banners you can use in these 2 Ad networks, Flyersquare and

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As mentioned earlier and in our post about, you will be earning ADS Token where your USD CPM rate of the ad code you placed in your site are converted to $ADS Token, currently the price of ADS is 1.52USD as of today’s writing see price on coinmarketcap.

Since they have their own decentralized Blockchain, you need to use their own Wallet, Adshares wallet.

What is an Adshares Wallet

Similar to, an Adshares Wallet is a browser Extension wallet that is created for the sole purpose of receiving and sending $ADS Token. Currently, you can send your $ADS Token to/in any Binance Smart Chain Wallet and can be exchanged to BNB in, and

Installing Adshares Wallet

Adshares wallet is supported only in Chrome, Brave and FireFox Browsers. To download the wallet, visit, or go to google web store and search for Adshares wallet. For easy reference, to Google Web Store Adshares Wallet.

follow the steps on creating the wallet after the registration.

Withdrawals to Adshares Wallet

When you have your Adshares Wallet, you can receive your ADS from your flyersquare or balance or earnings from your publisher’s account. Use your Adshares Wallet Address to receive them easily with very small fee. To see you your Adshares Wallet,

Sending ADS Token from Adshares Wallet to BSC wallet

Before sending your ADS Token to a supported wallet, you need to add manually the coin, by adding the contract Address in any BSCan and ETHscan based wallet or exchange.

ADS Token Contact :0xcfcecfe2bd2fed07a9145222e8a7ad9cf1ccd22a (source from visit source

Remember, always check the contract address in Bscan or ETHscan for Ether, to make sure you are adding the correct coin. There are many fake contract that lead of lossing your Token which has an unreversable transaction, you can click the Contract Address to verify. 
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To transfer ADS Token to Wallet and Exchange (BSC or ETH) :

  1. Choose Wrap.
  2. Next is, if your Wallet is BSC Based, choose Binance Smart Chain (or choose ETHEREUM for ETH Chain).
  3. Enter Amount andyour Main Wallet Address.
    • Doble check your Address and Smart Chain Selected.
  4. Click Next and Confirm, then Send. There are corresponding Fees when sending.

Once successfully received your ADS and Appeared in your Wallet, you can exchange then to corresponding Smart Chain Network.

Remember, Uniswap is for your ADS Token = ETH, and / Pancakeswap is for your ADS Token = BNB.

Alternative WIthdrawal Option

You can use Graviex Exchange as an alternative option for withdrawing your ADS. This was actually the very first, who supported/accepted ADS Token, which makes it withdrawable and exchangeable to other Cryptocurrency.

Funding your Adshare Wallet

Refer to

ClaimerCorner Experience with Flyersquare and

We have been a Publisher with and for over a year when I started our site. And quite frankly I was just getting start learning on running a site without a clear thought and experience. Along with them, I see a good changes compare before. We did already got our first publisher’s revenue with them and it went smoothly.

-claimercorner admin, Juan Teng

We will keep tracking their development as well. on our next article.

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