Let’s Review: Coinsparty.com, A get Paid-URL Shortener site

Coinsparty.com is one of the shortlinks I have been using, which is also a good shortlinks to be reviewed here in our site.

Similar to the most common Paid-URL Shortener, they run from the most popular Shortener script, Adlinkfly script, developed by Mighty Script. Unlike other shortlinks just sticking to pre-made templates of the script, Coinsparty uses a good template on their user’s dashboard that makes it cooler.

Basic Information

As of 12/08/2021


Total ClicksTotal Generated URLTotal Registered Users
800+ Thousand1.1+ million3+ thousand

Payment Processor

  • Expresscrypto
  • Faucetpay
  • Payeer
  • Paypal
  • Webmoney

Ad Network Used/Shown



They have a fix 2.5USD to all countries and 3.0USD for the USA traffic, counts 3 visits in single IP. which means you can you get paid again if same IP visits 3 times within a day.

Our own commentary review

Using their tool in our site, we have successfully withdrawn our first payment, through faucetpay.io.

They count IP, 5-7 out of 10 Visitor’s I sent.

So far we have been paid, and they send payments on a disignated date which is fair to wait.

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