Crystal Kingdoms: Play2Earn NFT game that soon to rise

Crystal Kingdoms, will be the newest NFT game that is currently on phase One, a P2E Fantasy Rule Playing P2E game that will be hosted on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

image origin Crystal Kingdoms

Recently, I have been invited by one of their early supporters on their discord group. It’s not a surprise to get invited on discord and other corporated channels to new projects if you have some interest in similar projects. The creation of the project are developed by a group of role-playing-game enthusiasts where “crystal kingdoms” developer’s met on an MMORPG game that new generations might not heard of, even me.

According to their documentation, the project will be hosted on BInance Smart Chain, which is most dAPP’s and developers on such similar projects are hosted, because of its fast and lesser fee, unlike ERC, according to their statement. The game will be a token fantasized-style metaverse that everyone can leverage with its unique features from the Non-Fungible tokens according to ERC721 standards.

Current-Created Version

according to their release, the current version they are trying to implement will be a Click2play style game, which is a very common game structure game, which they believed to have a balanced economy that will sustain rewards.

This version is to make their project to be available faster and to release it in public sooner, which they will be continually develop the game to its more future versions.

Future Version

The future version will make Crystal Kingdom a 3D Model MMORPG game, that will give a nice and best experience to players, which I believe will take longer, but expect that developers are serious and will make Crystal Kingdom be a better P2E game for everyone.

Why Crystal Kingdom Choose BInance Smart Chain

With the growing popularity of Binance Smart Chain which is younger than the ERC and other Smart Chain providers, Binance Smart Chain more cheaper transaction fees than Ethereum which sucks your transfer with gas fees.

BSC performed well as it has more active address than Ethereum, because of its low fee and faster confirmation transaction, which is more reasonable P2E projects are choosing.

Behind the Development of Crystal Kingdoms
  • Spencer Reed – Co-Founder 10+ years of experience in video gaming industry. 5+ years experience in online marketing.
  • Gabe Montero – Co-Founder 12+ years of experience in video game industry. 10+ years as leading service provider for many top MMORPGs developers.
  • Levi Harrington – Lead Developer 8+ years of experience in game and website design. Smart contract expertise.
  • Savannah Smith – Project Manager 6+ years of experience as software engineer for major tech companies. Our entire team is based in the US, but as we grow we will continue to add amazing team members to support other countries/languages and for further game development!
Crystal Kingdom Characters

The Crystal Kingdoms is composed of cute characters that are commonly known from pre-historic/historic characters on most MMORPG, Knight, Archer, Rogue, and Mage.

(Image origin Crystal Kingdoms).


The project is divided into 3 phases which are:

Phase 1

  • Website build and launch
  • Graphic design of characters and NFTs
  • Launch social
  • Marketing plan
  • Public NFT launch for game build
  • Game design and tokenomics

Phase 2

  • Audit contract
  • Marketing / Pre-Sale
  • Public launch on PancakeSwap
  • Coingecko / Coinmarketcap listing
  • Play to Earn game launch
  • Staking / Liquidity

Phase 3

  • Player vs Player mode launch
  • Competitive season begins
  • Influencer marketing
  • Release new characters
  • Release power-ups / new items
  • Expand team
  • Crystal Kingdoms Nation land launch
  • Partnership Expansion
  • Mobile game
  • More exchanges

As of today, they are currently on Phase 1, which they already completed, (1.)Website build and Launch, (2.) Graphic Design and Characters, (3.) Social Launching, (4.) Marketing Plan, and few weeks or more will be (5.) Public NFT Launch for Game Build.

They have still have a long way to go, if you are interested in NFT Games and P2E, joining and participating on their channels will help them move faster to reach their current phase target and move forward to the next phase.

Get the Latest Updates on their social:

  • Join their Official Discord Channel: Join Crystal Kingdom on Discord
  • (Link to discord is an invitation code that may benefit the author as early supporters.)

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