DRAGONARY, Decentralized NFT Gaming

Dragonary is a new Decentralized NFT game where you earn to play, created and developed by Coinary, team lead by Alejo, Chababo (CEO- Founder). The concept of the game is about dragons, where you will tame, breed, and equip your dragons to make them strong. Game rewards are called Coinary, a Non-Fungible Token that will be available in Crypto Market.

Why Dragonary?

This year 2021, could be named as NFT year, where axie’s Infinity lead in bringing the fame to NFT game. I haven’t known all of these when the SLP(Axie’s NFT Token) price skyrocketed from 0.01USD on mid January and reached the all-time high price value of 0.3USD of May 2, 2021. thats 3000% in price appreciation! There is too much noise about this awesome game too.

While on the other hand, some NFT gamer, crypto speculators, and experts say that, Coinary (CYT/ Dragonary NFT Token) may do the same thing, CYT could be the next big thing and will make everyone’s happy.


The token uses ERC-20/BEP-20, which can be utilized in Callisto Network and BSC (Binance Smart Chain). One of their future plans is to integrate it with Polygon Network, previously known as MATIC Network.

According to their whitepaper, Coinary limits the maximum quantity to 1 Billion tokens, to avoid inflation. CYT is used as cryptocoin,

The token will be used as a cryptocoin(Main token within Coinary multiverse) Dragonary included. The concept is CYT(Coinary Token) will be used as in-game currency as well in Dragonary and other Coinary games. Cryptocurrencies that are deposited by Coinary players will be converted to Coinary Token and that will be used as in-game currency to purchase items, player’s account selling, and more. This is all happened in their own marketplace called, “Coinary Marketplace”.

Every in-game purchase, breeding commission and items fusion commission will generate a tokens burn of up to 80% of the cost of each purchase or commission and the remainder 20% will be allocated to all players. In this way, new tokens creation will be prevented making $CYT deflationary by defect.

Distribution Token QuantityMax Supply
Airdrop with CoinaryTV community41,000,0004.1%
Mining within Dragonary749,000,00074.9%
Team (10 year vesting)50,000,0005%

Investors, IAO

CYT price started at 0.01 USD as IAO at Apeswap.finance, a decentralized Binance Smart Chain Exchange. Early investors who want to take part from Coinary and believe the project can purchase in this stage before the project launched.

Investors commit their BNB for an exchange of an Initial price of 0.01 USD per CYT with the following rules after sale.

  1. 25% can be claim back after IAO ends.
  2. 25% can be claim back after 30 days of the Offering period.
  3. 25% can be claim back after 60 days of the Offering period.
  4. 25% can be claim back after 90 days of the Offering period.

Who are Interested

I actually got interested in Dragonary, and lucky I guess I was able to commit my BNB on their IAO. My original plan is to play dragonary, but due to work and limited time I have in a single day, I decided to take subscribe on their IAO.

Subscribing to their IAO is easy since the IAO was launched at Apeswap.Finance , I connected my Metamask account and Deposited my BNB.

What makes me got Interested?

With less budget and looking for opportunities to inline with my risk appetite, Dragonary is my option. I knew them hours before the their game launching period. With all current NFT games right now, Dragonary is closest to Axie Infinity.

What I really don’t like is the holding period of IAO which is 90 days after the offer ends. But this also a good sign that the Coinary plan for Dragonary is not just that simple and its built for long term.

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