Digital Wallets:, sending and receiving satoshis without fees. is currently the leading and most used micro-digital-wallet today. With over 1,400,000 daily unique visitors and averaging 45+ million monthly visitors, according to SITE RANK DATA. Its sudden popularity arises after the past micro-wallet shut down after some licensing issues according to some external sources.

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What is a Micro-Wallet

A micro-wallet is a form of digital Wallet that allows smaller transactions that a normal digital/electronic wallet cannot provide because of too small to send. It is widely used by incentivized sites such as bitcoin faucets, PTC sites, and even ad networks sites like is one of the few micro-wallets today. See more alternative micro-wallets

The Zero Fees

The 0 (zero) fees apply only to the following:

  • user to user based transactions, where as the transaction happened only on their platform.
  • Incentivized Sites, Bitcoin Faucets and similar transaction to User – this is where Incentivized Sites and similar sites pays their users/claimers.
  • User to Incentivized Sites and PTC Sites – this is where users deposits to PTC sites. (to Advertise or side gambling)

The fees apply when you withdraw your collected cryptocurrencies in your account to your main digital wallet like Coinbase.

If you wonder why Incentivized sites like the Bitcoin Faucets pay their users without a fee is that these sites have funds in the account. Basically, in a micro-wallet dashboard, all you can see is an imaginary token that correlates the true Cryptocurrency they support as gateway payment. The true Cryptocurrencies are stored in their real wallets. Features

1. earnings

As mentioned above,’s main role as a digital wallet is to connect Incentive Site and Faucet Owners to Users for more easy, fast, and fee-less transactions. Aside from that, all Site Owners uses their API are listed in their Faucet Lists.

  • Offerwall
  • PTC
  • Surveys

2. Multiply-BTC

Under Multiply-BTC, it is where you can find lists of their highly addicting bet game. The risks of losing your crypto are at stake in the list below.

  • Crashes
  • Dice
  • Limbo
  • Roullete
  • Plinko

3. Trade

  • Coinswap – There are over 12 Crypto that are supported currently by you can them easily, but with corresponding fees.
  • Leverage Trading – have launched their own trading platform that currently supports 3 pairs. BTC/PERP, BNB/PERP and DOGE/PERP. Trades are done internal such as withdrawal and deposits are Leverage Trading to Faucetpay Account (Vice Versa).

Note: Leverage Trading is high return, and high-risk platform, it takes knowledge to fully benefit in leverage trading. Check out other exchange and trading patform. See exchange lists here.

4. Referrals

You can passively earn in if someone joins under your referral link, but only applies and limited when your referrals participate on Multiplier-BTC, Exchange, Offerwall and PTC.

I get referral commission if you join here:

5. Advertise

You can advertise on on their PTC section and Sponsored Listing.

Withdrawal and Deposit

Lists of Supported Cryptocurrency in

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • DOGE
  • Feyorra
  • LTC
  • DASH
  • BCH
  • BNB
  • DGB
  • TRX
  • USDT
  • Zcash does not hold any fees when you deposit, Fees only apply on withdrawal.

CoinDeposit FeeNormal Withdrawal Fee*Normal Minimum WithdrawalPriority Withdrawal Fee*Priority Minimum Withdrawal
Bitcoin0.00%0.00002000 BTC0.00010000 BTC0.00010000 BTC0.00080000 BTC
Ethereum0.00%0.01000000 ETH0.03000000 ETH0.02000000 ETH0.05000000 ETH
Dogecoin0.00%1.00000000 DOGE30.00000000 DOGE5.00000000 DOGE60.00000000 DOGE
Litecoin0.00%0.00005000 LTC0.00100000 LTC0.00025000 LTC0.00200000 LTC
Bitcoin Cash0.00%0.00010000 BCH0.00050000 BCH0.00060000 BCH0.00080000 BCH
Dash0.00%0.00005000 DASH0.00100000 DASH0.00025000 DASH0.00200000 DASH
DigiByte0.00%0.50000000 DGB25.00000000 DGB5.00000000 DGB50.00000000 DGB
Tron0.00%0.50000000 TRX15.00000000 TRX0.50000000 TRX15.00000000 TRX
Tether TRC200.00%0.10000000 USDT3.00000000 USDT0.10000000 USDT3.00000000 USDT
Feyorra0.00%1000.00000000 FEY2000.00000000 FEY1000.00000000 FEY2000.00000000 FEY
Zcash0.00%0.00000500 ZEC0.00001000 ZEC0.00002500 ZEC0.00005000 ZEC
Binance BEP200.00%0.00031500 BNB0.00050000 BNB0.00031500 BNB0.00050000 BNB

Running a Faucet Site with

Most faucet owners prefer using as their automatic payment gateway. They provide more users compared to the other micro-wallets, and some support other micro-wallets as well and even direct deposits to Cryptocurrency Wallets like Coinbase.

Faucet Owners are important for every micro-wallet business, aspiring faucet owners and users who wish to start their faucet sites can get a free source code in The script was made by the link. faucet script is also available as a WordPress plugin. Recent’s Historical Events was hacked. source twitter. partnered/owned Pasino, Online Gambling Platform. source Twitter. added Leverage Trading. Source Twitter.

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