NFT follow: Monsta Infinite, the next Axie or just another ordinary NFT Game?

Recently,I have been following some NFT games that would and seek a potential just like Axie Infinity. I came across Monsta Infinite and it gives me a pretty impression to me, cool stuff you know. And I saw it as could be good to take risks some of my BNB to HODL some $MONI.

What is $MONI?

$Moni is their NFT game currency, similar to $SLP or $AXIE, well I am not pretty damn sure, but $SLP and AXIE have value and can be exchanged to BNB. BNB is Binance Exchange currency where it is worth 480$ at the moment upon this writing BNB Price Live.

But with current changes, and recent monsta-barter exchange thing, I doubted their project because it does not correlate from their previous statement on their whitepaper, well, just a doubt. So I asked a question with a doubting statement which turns out to be kicked out in the group.

I have little than less knowledge about cryptocurrency and NFT that they called Non-Fungible Token, But that little than less knowledge can be “at least I learn something new”. well I guess I need to conduct my own research.

Going back to their whitepaper under docs link. This is what makes me believe them and would really go for it and play because of their statement. It is heart-breaking to see the rich getting richer while a vast majority of the working class struggling to put food on the table. Monsta Infinite envisions to create a long-lasting ecosystem where every player can stake in as shareholders and get rewarded fairly.‌

Image from Monsta Infinite under “page team” via snippet tool
  1. Why making a staging pre-sale and price are rising for every new pre-sale, until the last 2088 Monsta costs 1BNB- I am clueless about issuing Monsta and how its made, but if you want everyone to play, why would you increase the price and release them in stagerring stage. Upon my search from other pre-launching game, they have some similar roadmap and I guess that would be normal. A part of marketing strategy to create a hype to stagger the price and make everyone happy. For Late comers? I guess you need to buy 1BNB per Monsta which costs you 4 to 5 sacks of (50kg/sack) rice grain that could last for about 6 months for a family of 4 members( do I eat less or too much?), just an estimate. Wait, 1 monsta can be more than 1 BNB when market will be on market.

2. Under the rules of buying in monsta-barter, why would be advising buyers to set high tolerance to get a chance a higher chance of getting a MOnsta?- this was my original question as I really don’t like spending money. Well with my self-understanding later on after the doubt, setting more gas can able you to grab and prioritize the buying. “Gas” is what they call the payment to Miners to process blockchain transactions, I am understanding a little. But

If it is heart-breaking for your team to see rich getting richer while the vast majority of the working class struggling to put on their table, would it be heart-breaking to see them spend to grab limited Monsta and advising them to pay more and get a chance to grab your Eggs own Monsta for them to be able to play and earn?

With the current price of pre-sale and price of monsta after the market opens in public, is it only the rich can afford to buy and earn play or is it also an opportunity for the poor to take risks and buy Monsta, eat later, and play to earn for better future?

My Opinion Only

I only correlate the statement from the plan to the existing implemented stagger pricing, I don’ motivate or demotivate others not to join the project. My opinion is baseless and cannot justify its relevant sources.

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