, A Push Ad Network.

We received an email from an ad network, Vimmy Push Ad Network company which I am not aware of its existence until now. It is quite overwhelming to get an invitation despite having a small site. But eventually, I check their site and would like to share information that may also interest to our fellow publishers (new like me and veterans).

What is Vimmy

Vimmy is an AdTech company founded in 2018 by a team of professionals in the sphere of internet traffic acquisition and performance internet marketing with over 10+ years’ of experience. Vimmy is an innovative, technology company who provides powerful performance marketing solutions on a global scale. The combination of experience and expertise gives us the opportunity to become an ad network who is looking to increase CTR and conversion rates for advertisers. On the other hand, we work hard to maximize the revenue of our publishers. Our team is motivated and inspired to improve our skills, optimize our platform and innovate all the solutions. source: about Vimmy

As I navigate through their site, It’s far more powerful than other known ad networks, which is a very appealing and very good-looking site. Their design is very intimidating and their portfolio and information about their site are well written.

Ad Network Statistics

They provide 600m+ daily Impressions which is a huge number and I am starting to wonder who are their advertisers and publishers that get them that impressions per day.

They currently have 5000+ Publishers

3,000+ Advertisers

25,000+ Convertions per day

Type’s of Ads

  • Popunder
  • In-Page Push Notification
  • Calendar Push
  • Push Notification

I can’t get any information about their rates, but as always, it depends on the geological target and type of ads you will be using. Unlike banner ads, using all type of ads will greatly increase your revenue. But don’t overfill your site with ads as it will make your visitors leave.

The image above show’s one of their publisher’s earnings using their Push Notification Ads. As Alexander mentioned, one of their team in Vimmy.

We have recently launched a new format – iOS Calendar Push and looking for good sites with high quality iOS and MacOS traffic. Also, we have a regular Push format. We work on CPC format and are ready to pay 85% Revshare.

Alexander, one of Vimmy team

Payment Option

Your earnings can be withdrawn through the following options.


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