A-ads.com, Unexpectedly increases Publisher’s Revenue.

A-ads, is one of the leading crypto related ad networks that generates more than 100 Million’s per day, reaching almost 9 Million Unique Impressions, have gone wild again and distributed 9 USD per CPM (Impression per Mile), which gives 3 to 5 times revenue to publishers. (based as of today’s analytics Post)

We all known A-ads, also known as anonymous advertisement Network, where there pledge to protect their advertisers anonymously. Well we don’t dig further about that, lets talk about how A-ads could be the best of all Ad Networks?

If you are just start blogging, or running a faucet, or any crypto related topic, a-ads is the first to apply to get started having revenue, it is said to be the least you can have.


Unlike any other ad-networks, the only thing you need to have and get accepted is your website, 0 to none requirements and hustle buzzle standards other networks do, you can grab the ad code and put it in your site. But of course, display the code that nothing blocks it, like a floating banner, Popup and pop-under code that prevents a-ads bots to checks their entrusted ad code for you to monetize it. This is important for them, they don’t give sh***y requirements so that you can start monetizing your site, you should give a good spot in your site.

Giving a good spot for a-ads also give you better result and revenue, this also applies to other network as well. But the tricky part of a-ads is, even if create more banners to display in different sizes in your site, but only 1 code is could be profiting.

A-ads can answer that, but of course, the answer is and is fairly acceptable, the right thing to do is to use 1 best ad banner, on every page, means use 1 ad code banner on every page of your site. As your site grows, you can add 1 more on every page and that makes 2 different ad code banner!

The Best Banner Size

728×90 (Header Ad Banner)

often has the most highest bid/CPM rate, it most suitable in the top of your site and looks good too in the footer. But highly suggest in to be displayed in header. Could be good too displayed on every 1 to 3 Paragraph of your arcticle. But does not look good on mobile or smaller screen gadgets.

300×250 (Box Type)

The 300×250 Banner size is Ideally good all kind of screen sizes from mobile to desktop. Can be displayed ideally between inside header and footer. Means anywhere from content, sidebar and also good as floating banner.

468×60 (Small Header Banner)

If you want 2 banners in 1 to 3 rows, horizontal or vertical, this is quite a good and attractive size banner. I like this kind of banner displayed on form pages like registration and login, just right above or below the form.

The Adaptive Banner

from 5 ad networks I have been signed on as publisher, I only seen this kind of banner in a-ads. which quite amazing because it is super responsive, any screen it will fill in just like a water. If you care about responsiveness, then this is the banner you want to put in your site.


Comparison from yesterday and today’s revenue with only almost same number of Unique Visitor as per CF, we have been paid from a-ads for 5,000 Satoshis(less 2USD in value.), and we will be receiving 31,000 Satoshis, which is +600% more than yesterday.

I believe this sudden changes increase in revenue to publishers is brought by the bearish movement of BTC and sudden increase of ad purchases in a-ads. Who would not buy campaign to the first Crypto Ad network.

Interested in Advertising? Advertise in A-ads.com, It gives me commission if you purchase.