What is Claimercorner.xyz, How it started.

If you are familiar with Bitcoin/Crypto Faucet site, then you are right, but with some added features that our claimers(members) also earn such as get paid to view Advertised Sites, completing sponsored links, Offerwalls and more.

how it started

Claimercorner.xyz was originally created as a blog site, to provide reviews about a specific Earning site that I have visiting and seeing while earning on PTC site. The concept is ClaimerCorner will firstly test and familiar how a certain Incentive Site system works and performs especially on how they regularly pay their members, this were included how I get paid and post it in our blog.

As how crypto market easily changes from bull to bear, for just a couple of days and month the longest, An Incentive Site closes down, which is not easy to update a blog posts quo status from Paying/Legit site to scam.

Claimer Corner as a Faucet Site

After 2 months or so giving up blogging, I tested couple of faucet scripts, from different sources which are free. These scripts are from below the following:

Faucetpay.io, a micro-wallet where most Incentive site’s such as Faucets and other crypto related sites that pays and accept payments, easily that are called Satoshis. Faucetpay provide a 2 faucet scripts that you can use. A full script, and a WordPress Faucet plugin.

Using the Faucetpay.io Faucet Plugin

Since I was already familiar with wordpress, I use the Faucetpay Faucet Plugin. The plugin works well and easy to set-up and with added pop features to advertise any site you want. Furtherly researched, the original script is made by 99bitcoin, where you can find a complete tutorial. Visit Tutorial

“How to use WordPress faucet plugin.”

But after major updates of wordpress starting from version 5.7, plugin’s that were not updated stop functioning properly, and this I stop using the plugin because and trying something else.

Using the Gr8 Lite Script

The gr8 lite script is widely used free faucet script. It is a single faucet page where you also get a free access support from the developer, Mr. Avalon. But developer prefer’s you to use the paid script, as it greatly help his work. And aside from that, Security Features are more better than the paid one.

Poor me, I only tried using the free version, It supports lower phpMyAdmin version that time, which complicate my wordpress site. and was able to use it for a couple of weeks, until I was convinced from a forum group to buy a multiple Featured faucet Site.

“How to run a faucet using a gr8 Script.”

If opportunities are given, I will try to use Gr8 Script, right now, let’s focus in our Claimercorner.

Using Vie Faucet Script

Vie faucet Script is currently what we have today in our site. Developed by Mr. TungHD. Full Features you see from our site [Jump to our Faucet] , is run by this script. It went very popular, because of its multiple features and with surprising updates.

Talking about its features is just like inviting you to register from my faucet.

  • PTC- Viewing Advertised sites. simply as that.
  • Offerwalls – The most rewarding features, will get you 1$ per offer. Offers can be Surveys, Paid-to Download, Paid-to Visit and more.
  • Faucet- Simply visit the Faucet page and claim reward by solving the captcha.
  • Tasks- You can earn by completing special tasks by admin.
  • Weekly Leaderboard- Get additional reward by being the best performer in a week streak.
  • Daily Achievements- Complete specific achievements such as completing 10 PTC views to claim additional rewards.
  • Auto Faucet- A special feature of our site where, you collect energy from any features, and convert it to USD.
  • Visiting Sponsored Links- Also known as Paid-shortlinks, you can earn USD and Energy by completing shortlinks.

There are much more to say about the Site, Simply join and start earning!

If you want to start a faucet site, and you are really decided to start a faucet site, I recommend you to buy a Vie Faucet Script. From the day I started using it since Version 3, the script is now at Version 4.3.0. You get more from what you pay.

Buying Vie Faucet Script in this link, will get me commission, But same price as direct purchasing to the developer’s shop. Buy Here

Buying Vie Faucet Script in this link will not get me commission, and same price as the other frist link where I get commission. Direct Developer’s Shop

There is no other shop you can buy the script, be careful who will offer you with the script, Vie Faucet Script is License protected, and there are nulled version who are trying to fool people which are not safe and outdated. You may get it so cheap or free, but the risk of using it, no support and full of bugs.

Claimer Corner, what we are today.

Running a Faucet site from scratch is never easy, especially if you have zero experience in this kind of online business. The competition is even more tighter. As a Seafarer, who try to run a site like this, Its more dizzier experience compare to what I have experiencing onboard(Running Vessel) where our ship crossing inside the eye of the hurricane. Our captain is Russian that moment. I guess they are truly No Fear.

Few weeks I renewed our domain, and happy to announce that we are still running Multi-features Faucet that you can enjoy visiting and claim! Special thanks to my seafaring job.

Next, we will be talking about the Top Networks you can work with, as faucet owner starters.

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  1. Very nice site, easy to use e payes very well, very quicky to collect energy to change with cryptocoins…. Site muito bom e útil para coletar moedas, fácil de usar e paga muito bem , além de ser rápido para coletar energia para trocá-las com moedas.


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