Faucetpay API, for Better and Faster Faucetpay to Faucetpay Transactions

Faucetpay is one of the pioneers in micro wallets. there are over 3 Million users who benefited from their service and still growing. Sending the smallest amount of crypto called Satoshis, that cut-offs the highly volatile transaction fees, whereas can only be possible through internal transactions such as FaucetPay to FaucetPay users. The Automated sending … Read more

MONSTA INFINITE, NFT game “Axie Infinity” Inspired.

Monsta Infinity is one of the latest pre-launched NFT games, an Inspired “Axie Infinity” according to their whitepaper. According to their bio, this P2E or “Play to Earn” is a combination of a turn-based card battle system that has a matching puzzle system. It is said a “Not just an Ordinary Card Game”. Their team … Read more