MONSTA INFINITE, NFT game “Axie Infinity” Inspired.

Monsta Infinity is one of the latest pre-launched NFT games, an Inspired “Axie Infinity” according to their whitepaper. According to their bio, this P2E or “Play to Earn” is a combination of a turn-based card battle system that has a matching puzzle system. It is said a “Not just an Ordinary Card Game”.

Their team designed the gameplay with some logic to create a more competitive in-game battle, where their players will experience a more exciting and extraordinary card game. Similar to “Axie”, you will be needing a minimum of three Monsta, in order to play and earn tokens, planet resources based on their concept saving it from the JILAKA.

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Basic Game Description

The Survival

Survival is where you will be playing against the JILAKA, their own AI monster in their game who occupied the Monsta’s Planet. You will be gaining EXP to level your Monsta and Stamen Tellus for your team.

Monsta War

Monsta War is a Player versus Player in-game event. This could be where the player or team is being ranked. The Monsta war is happened on what they called, DOZO.

Synthetic Cloning

Due to Monsta being incapable to breed, through science, they found a way to reproduce their race to fight extinction.

Stamen Tellus Token ($STT)

The STT or Stamen Tellus Token is the Monsta Infinite in-game currency. This can be earned via battling and world gameplay. The in-game token is also used for Synthesis Cloning, and buy avatar(Clothing for your Monsta) but no attribute.

Synthesis Cloning a Monsta costs $MONI and some $STT depending on how many times the Monsta has been cloned, there is a maximum amount of times a Monsta can be cloned.


$MONI is the governance token of Monsta Infinite, This token is used for cloning and augmentation of Monsta. Similar to $AXS of Axie Inifinity.

Currently, $MONI is on presale, you can check more about the presale in this link >>

Will Monsta Infinite will be the next “Axie Infinity“?

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